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Spa Pedicure: Treat yourself to  luxury for your feet. Includes nail and cuticle care, sloughing, scrub, massage and polish.


Jelly Pedicure: Soak your feet in a jelly-like fluid that hydrates and exfoliates the skin. Includes nail and cuticle care, light sloughing, massage and polish.


Basic Pedicure: Nail care, light sloughing, and cream. Does not include polish.


Jelly Foot Soak: Foot soak only in our jelly-like fluid used for jelly pedicures.


Spa Manicure: Treat your hands and nails with shaping, buffing and a sensational hand massage followed by polish.



Natural Nail Overlay: Using the dip method, strengthens and prevents breakage. Includes gel polish.


Nails: A full set of artificial nails, overlay and gel polish color of your choice.



Fill In: A fill in for your gel nails. Topped off with polish.



Gel Manicure: A manicure with gel polish.


Nail Art

$5 and up

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