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To book a massage Mon-Fri, please call Yvette at 304-820-9393

For Saturdays, please call 304-258-8992

Aromatouch Massage
Utilizes specific essential oils and blends from DoTerra to promote relaxation and stress relief, offer immune support, decrease pain and inflammation and elevate mood.

$85      50 minutes

$120    90 minutes


Ashiatsu Massage
Literally translates as “foot pressure”.  The therapist uses her feet instead of hands and arms to generate deep, broad strokes utilizing her body weight.  Suitable for athletes and those who never seem to get enough deep pressure.  Contraindicated for some health conditions.  Please check with therapist to see if it is suitable for you.

$40      30 minutes back and buttocks or buttocks and legs
$65      50 minutes Ashiatsu/Therapeutic Combo

$85      75 minutes full body


Cupping (Vacutherapy) Massage

Increases blood flow using suction in areas where cups are placed.  This relieves muscle tension, promotes cell repair and improves overall blood circulation.

$20      30 minutes add-on to a Therapeutic Massage

$30      30 minutes Vacutherapy session

Deep Tissue Massage

The therapist applies sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of the muscles.

$85      50 minutes

$120    90 minutes


Hot Stone Massage

Benefits from focused heat coupled with massage provide effective therapy to tense muscles and promote overall relaxation.

$85      50 minutes

$120    90 minutes


Swedish Massage

Long, flowing strokes going towards the heart, using light to moderate pressure, stimulate circulation and flexibility.  Suitable for those new to massage therapy and for deep, full-body relaxation.

$65      50 minutes

$105    90 minutes



Therapeutic Massage
This massage includes focused Deep-Tissue and Myofascial Release, along with aspects of Swedish techniques.  Suitable for problem areas, athletes and pain management.

$75      50 minutes

$115    90 minutes


Couples Massage
Share a room with a significant person in your life while relaxing.  Available for Swedish, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue and Hot Stone.   Each person may choose the modality that best suits them.  Prices vary according to modality.  Please inquire upon booking.

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Massage bookings for Mon-Fri, call 304.820.9393


Monday through Saturday, 9am-6pm
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